The Zen of Gardening

Gardening is the act of growing and taking care of plants. Horticulture is the art and science of gardening. Horticulture excellence is one of our hallmarks. Members are encouraged to grow and show by placing entries in flower shows.

Our membership represents myriad types of gardening interests and skill levels. Program topics address the various needs of members as well as the latest trends in gardening and landscape design. Consideration is always given to supporting environmental responsibility. 

The Bartram Garden Club, Inc. encourages members and the general public to enroll in garden study courses sponsored by FFGC and NGC. Through National Garden Clubs we provide a broad spectrum of gardening related studies for NGC credit. Gardening Schools, Landscape Design and Environmental Studies are three separate series of courses offered to affiliate members. Check our web site often for dates of upcoming courses.


The Bartram Garden Club, Inc. programs primarily focus on culinary gardening, landscape design and container gardening.


Grown and photographed by Peter Langham


Culinary Gardening

Culinary gardening encompasses fruits, vegetables, nuts and herbs. Practicing environmentally safe and organic gardening benefits both the ecosystem and personal well-being.


Landscape Design

Learning to choose the “right plant for the right place” is the hallmark of any successful landscape design. Our programs promote the proper use of trees, woody and herbaceous shrubs, perennial flowers/foliage, annuals, ornamental grasses, ground covers and vines in the home landscape and throughout the community. Avoiding invasives by using native alternatives and exercising water conservation are also vital considerations when designing a landscape


Container Gardening

For those who have limited funds, space and time, container-gardening is an easy and attractive way to enhance patios, decks, balconies and outdoor “rooms.” Additionally, potted plants can be brought inside during those rare Florida winter nights when temperatures dip. Most standard flower shows offer awards for container-grown flowering or foliage exhibits.

Gardening Tips

Here are gardening tips from our previous club meetings. Click on a link to view the tip of interest.