Service to the Community

The Bartram Garden Club, Inc. as a 501(c)3 orgnanization endeavors to be a good partner with the local community, county and state. We are involved in various activities that support common causes for the benefit of citizens and the environment. As education is one of the hallmarks of a federated garden club, we focus on projects that help enlighten our members as well as the general public on topics of interest in our areas of expertise.

Below are some of the projects we lead or support. 
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Florida Arbor Day, January 18, 2019

The Bartram Garden Club, Inc. celebrated Florida Arbor Day on January 19, 2019 with the planting of 14 Wax Myrtles along S. 3rd Street. The community event was cosponsored by the club in collaboration with the City of Fernandina Beach and the U.S. Forest Service. The shrubs, along with 11 Red Cedar trees, were added to the existing trees which were originally planted in September 2016 to screen the rail yard from view. See “Tree Planting” below.


Donation to Fernandina Beach Library

President Beverly Williams presented a check to Dawn Boswick, Director, and Janet Loveless, Assistant Director, of the Nassau County Public Library System. The funds will be used to purchase several current editions of gardening books for the Fernandina Beach branch. Beverly also presented two books published for children by the National Garden Clubs, Inc. titled The Saved Seed and The Frightened Frog. Both books teach children to be environmentally responsible.


Habitat for Humanity

National Garden Clubs, Inc. supports Habitat for Humanity and so does The Bartram Garden Club, Inc. On November 12, 2018 we landscaped our first HfH home located in Fernandina Beach. Our civic beautification committee started with a blank slate in the front yard, and outlined two flower beds, pulled weeds, tilled the soil, dug holes, planted and mulched. The proud homeowner, a single mom, was working along beside us! Liberty Landscape Supply, Ace Hardware, Lowe’s, and Island Treasures, all local merchants, donated or provided at a discount Azalea and Muhley grass plants, a Crepe Myrtle tree, and basic gardening tools for the resident. The homeowner spread her recently deceased mother’s ashes in the area where the tree was planted, indicating her intensions to make this a permanent home for herself and her three children. Click through the slide show on the right to see before and after pictures of this rewarding project, the first of which we hope to be many successes.

Little Women

In November of 2018 the club initiated a relationship with Little Women, a high school organization of young women sponsored by the Woman’s Club of Fernandina Beach. We led a basic floral design workshop. The students created arrangements in personal coffee mugs which were delivered with Meals on Wheels by the Council on Aging.

Library Design Exhibits

Members of The Bartram Garden Club, Inc. place complimentary floral designs in the foyer of the Fernandina Beach Branch of the Nassau County Public Library System on a rotating basis during every month. This community service project allows members to hone their floral design skills in a fun and relaxed venue, and at the same time, introduces the general public to specific plant materials and mechanics commonly used in floral design art. As an additional educational tool, all plant material is identified with the common and scientific botanical names.

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Arbor Day at the Nassau County Council on Aging

In commemoration of Florida Arbor Day 2018 The Bartram Garden Club sponsored the planting of a ‘Majestic Beauty’ Hawthorn tree at the new headquarters building of the Nassau County Council on Aging in Fernandina Beach, FL. The new tree was planted on January 19, 2018 in cooperation with Liberty Landscape Supply and Gage’s Tree Service who both provided materials and labor. On hand were COA President & CEO Janice Ancrum and some of her staff as well as key representatives from Liberty Landscape and Gage’s Tree Service. Participating Bartram Garden Club members were Susan Borge, Pattie Pitts, Rich Reily, Cathy Klein, Kathleen Lunman, Kathye Reily, and Nancy Ellison. 

Landscaping for Post Office Historical Marker

In March, 2017 The Bartram Garden Club, Inc. took on a project in conjunction with the City of Fernandina Beach and the Princess Amelia Chapter of the Colonial Dames XVII Century at the historic post office downtown.  The garden club agreed to create a landscape design at the east corner of Centre and N. 4th Streets which would anchor a new historic marker to be unveiled there on April 8, 2017. The City removed all existing shrubbery, and  Liberty Landscape Supply provided garden soil. Club members replanted the area with plants from Liberty Landscape Supply which included creeping Rosemary, Abelia x grandiflora ‘Kaleidoscope’, and Iris Neomarica caerulea 'Regina’ (Giant Aposlte’s Iris).

Tree Planting

The Bartram Garden Club, Inc. strongly supports the planting, nurturing and protection of trees. One of the club's earliest interests was to support the effort to plant trees in Fernandina Beach along 3rd Street in September, 2016 to help screen a rail yard from street view. One of our charter members, Reha London, championed this effort along with others in the community, to encourage the City of Fernandina Beach to plant a number of trees along the roadway. As these trees mature they will have a positive impact on the overall environment as well as providing a visual improvement to the the area. This is a great example of public / private collaboration to the benefit of the entire community.

Downtown Fernandina Beach, FL

Fernandina Main Street Project

Several club members serve on the design council of Fernandina Main Street ( as a collaborative effort to enhance the aesthetics of downtown Centre Street by means of plant materials which provide shade, color and texture to the overall landscape. Council meetings are held at 3:00pm the second Thursday of the month at City Hall, Ash Street.

Penny Pines Project

Saving Forests $68 At a Time

NGC and the USDA Forest Service formed a partnership to sustain our national and urban forests through this reforestation/forest education program. The Bartram Garden Club, Inc. participates in this meaningful and practical conservation project to replant trees indigenous to a particular damaged area. Whether by fire or by other natural catastrophe, pine trees and other trees are replaced. During every meeting club members contribute pocket change which, when totals $68.00, will be sent to the Forest Service and will be used to plant 350 pine seedlings. Under a Conservation agreement, the Forest Service will do the planting, using these donations together with Federal funds. Planting sites are selected by the Supervisor of each National Forest. Several contributions are submitted to NGC every year.
For more information about how to contribute to the state of your choice, check out the NGC web page by clicking here.


Garden Therapy

No one should miss the joys of gardening. Not the elderly, physically disabled, or mentally or emotionally challenged. Garden therapy is one of many aids to physical, mental and emotional health. The NGC Garden Therapy program is the use of garden related activities as an aid to the recovery and rehabilitation of the disabled. It’s one of the oldest and most popular phases of garden club work. 

“Garden related” is defined as the growing of plants, the artistic use of plants and other natural material, the study of birds, nature and conservation, and the exhibiting of knowledge, interest and skills in these areas.

Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Program

During the 2018-2019 term a garden therapy program was established with the ESE students at Fernandina Beach High School. The Youth and Garden Therapy committees have partnered to provide hands-on garden related activities for these special needs students, meeting once a month during class time at the school.

Alice Caldwell and Claudia Burningham at Osprey Village ALF

Member Alice Caldwell helps residents prepare centerpieces for the dining room

Osprey Village ALF

In January 2017 The Bartram Garden Club, Inc. initiated its first garden therapy project. Members aided residents of Osprey Village Assisted Living Facility at Amelia Island in creating table centerpieces for their “Day in the Orient” celebration. The club will expand its garden therapy programs to other institutions as time and volunteers allow.


In February, the Bartram Garden Club, Inc. again visited the Osprey Village Assisted Living Facility in Fernandina Beach to work with the residents on garden therapy. This time the garden club members worked with the residents to make over 50 Valentines's Day corsages for the residents to enjoy.

Design Study Workshops Held

A series of FFGC Floral Design workshops were sponsored by The Bartram Garden Club, Inc. beginning in May, 2017.
The workshops were held at the Fernandina Beach Church of Christ, S 14th Street over 6 consecutive Fridays. Demonstrations and lectures by FFGC instructors were conducted in the morning and hands-on workshops followed after lunch. Twenty one students from throughout northeast Florida participated.

The following topics were covered:

Floral Design Study Units 1-6

Basic Units 

Unit 1:  Basic overview of floral design featuring demonstration of vertical, asymmetrical and crescent designs. Learn basic tools and mechanics, components of a design, types of containers, basic forms of plant materials. 

Unit II:  Learn the care, cutting and grooming of plant materials; mechanics for different containers and the Elements of Design.  The Instructor’s demonstration will cover symmetrical, asymmetrical and diagonal designs. 

Unit III: Learn the compatibility of plant materials with containers, selecting materials for curved designs, geometric line designs, use of fruits and vegetables in designs and a demonstration of crescent and Hogarth designs. 

Unit IV:  Learn about table settings, and coordination of floral designs with table components. Demonstration of functional and exhibition tables for your home and flower shows. 

Unit V: Learn how to use bases, features, featured objects and accessories with a design. Demonstration of feature, featured object, bases and accessories. 

Unit VI: Learn how to condition and transport plant materials. Discussion of Award of Distinction, Tricolor Award and Designer’s Choice Award in a Flower Show. Demonstration of Expressive and Interpretive Designs. 

Check out the Gallery page for a series of photographs of the designs by the instructors and students.


 Library Landscape Maintenance Project

Kathleen Lunman, Susan Mowery, Jay Yates and Beverly Williams enjoyed a beautiful morning outdoors sprucing up the landscaping in front of the Library on N. 4th Street in Fernandina Beach in February, 2017. We received many appreciative remarks from library patrons and used this opportunity to promote membership into our club. This was followed by two additional work days at the library by club members.


The Bartram Garden Club, Inc. Provides Support for the Amelia Island Museum of History

In May, 2017 The Bartram Garden Club, Inc. donated plant materials to the Amelia Island Museum of History in support of their campus gardens. TBGC member and Treasurer, Reha London and Vice President Kathleen Lunman attended a museum program about William Bartram and presented a native "toothache tree"(Zanthoxylum clava-herculis) and a shrimp plant (Justicia brandegeeana) on behalf of the garden club. Pictured L to R are Gray Edenfield, John Hopkins and Reha London.