Troubleshooting Turf Grass

At the February 14, 2019 meeting we were enlightened by Rebecca Jordi, Nassau County Extension Director, on the nitty-gritty of managing our turf grass here in North Florida. Rebecca gave us her well-known style of wit, a touch of her classic sarcasm, and straight-forward talk. In less than one hour she hit on soils, watering, mowing, fertilizing, weeds, herbicides, and lawn pests.

I spent my childhood and early adulthood in Louisville, KY. I know you have heard about the fields of beautiful, rolling blue grass. However, the reality for most of us was pretty green grass in the spring, turning yellowish-brown by the heat of mid-July, maybe a little revival of green in the late summer/early fall, only to die for the next five months…and no one cared. ..then I moved to Florida…

So, if you have decided to make your home in North Florida, absorbing some knowledge from Rebecca is my best advice. Click here for more details.