Let's Take a Walk in a Park – A North Florida Park!

In October we reached out to the public by having an evening program, therefore, allowing us a time to ‘meet and greet’ with our community who typically cannot attend daytime meetings. We invited the community to be our guests for a hospitality time of wine and cheese and good conversation, followed by an environmental program presented by Kathy Stark.

Kathy Stark, author, artist, and parks ambassador spoke about her project “The Wilderness of North Florida’s Parks” which consist of her book and traveling art exhibit and how she has become a parks ambassador. This project is Stark’s heartfelt bid to raise awareness of the many opportunities to interact with the natural wonders of the First Coast of North Florida. With the book and exhibit she ultimately hopes to increase awareness of the parks’ existence and encourage people to visit, support and preserve them, while using responsible conservation practices.

Kathy’s goals for conservation and preservation of North Florida parks and wilderness areas parallel those of The Bartram Garden Club. We genuinely hope this program created awareness, as well as ignited a spark of interest in the incredible beauty of the nature surrounding us and the vital need to protect it. Let’s get out there; whether it is for a brisk trail hike or a leisurely walk. Just maybe we will meet up somewhere on the path as we take a walk in a park.