Holiday Designs and Greens

The Bartram Garden Club meeting theme in December, 2016 was “Holiday Designs and Greens Workshop” and was held at the Fernandina Beach Church of Christ. This was a great facility for a workshop/meeting and we give thanks to member Alice Caldwell for arranging access.

Master Gardener and Flower Show Judge, Elli Steiger from The St. Augustine Garden Club shared design tips with us during the workshop. We learned how to give long-leaf pine needles a distinctive "hair cut", which adds a creative touch to floral arrangements. She introduced the art of line design by first forming a structure using cylindrical Sansevaria and then following the line with gorgeous Calla lilies and sea grape leaves, which act to lead the eye into the design. As a nod to the Holiday Season, Elli shared a "fantasy flower" she created by glueing dried and painted magnolia leaves to a pine cone which mimics the poinsettia bract.

Four lucky members walked away with one of her creations. And more importantly, novice and experienced designers alike equally benefited from her love of flowers, experience and creativity. 

Merry Christmas and best wishes for a very Happy New Year.
Beverly Williams
President, The Bartram Garden Club

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